Business Development Manager

Job Description:

  1. Approach potential vendors/partners.
  2. Map and generate marketing strategy plans, including collaborations.
  3. Develop brand awareness and exposure strategies.
  4. Identify new business opportunities, including new markets, new clients, new partnerships, or new products and services.
  5. Build partnerships with complementary businesses.
  6. Create strategies to successfully capitalize on new business opportunities.
  7. Establish relationships with new clients, assess their needs, and develop proposals to address those needs.
  8. Maintain and develop relationships with project stakeholders or investors.
  9. Market sales and products to both new and existing clients.
  10. Attend conferences and events to build relationships with industry partners and stay updated on new trends.
  11. Create sales forecasts and actively work to achieve them.
  12. Have a solid understanding of the company’s products, competition in the industry, and positioning in the industry.
  13. Manage and train the business development team.
  14. Collaborate with the design and sales teams to ensure needs are met.


  1. Graduation in construction management, civil engineering, or business management and administration.
  2. Proficiency in English (minimum IELTS 7.5) / C2.
  3. Strong knowledge and understanding of engineering principles, project management methodologies, and industry trends.
  4. Minimum 2 years of business development experience.
  5. Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  6. Proven ability to execute and close business deals.
  7. Deep understanding of the construction industry, including project procurement processes, regulations, and current market trends.
  8. Effective presentation skills to convey business proposals and strategies to prospective clients and affiliates.
  9. Strong and extensive networking with stakeholders from government, developers, and suppliers.
  10. Ability to conduct market analysis and identify new business opportunities.
  11. Ability to design risk-based effective business development strategies.
  12. Ability to manage and lead teams involved in business development.
  13. Project management skills.
  14. Creative thinking in designing approaches with relevant parties to win projects and develop marketing strategies.
  15. Understanding of regulations and policies related to the construction industry in Indonesia.
  16. Awareness of relevant legal requirements in project execution.
  17. Highly motivated and friendly personality.
  18. Organized and detail-oriented.
  19. Possesses a strategic mindset for analyzing market opportunities, identifying market gaps, and developing innovative business strategies to drive growth.
  20. Strong leadership skills and the ability to delegate tasks effectively, provide guidance, and monitor progress towards goals.

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Admin / Coordinator

Key Responsibility

  • Write down reports
  • Liaising and coordinating between stakeholders
  • Data entry


  • High English fluency both in verbal and writing (min IELTS 7.5) / C2
  • Good logical and analytical thinking
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from any major, Fresh Graduate are welcome to apply
  • Ability to communicate, present, and liaise with clients
  • Good Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Thorough and have an eye for detail
  • Initiative
  • Placement – Surabaya

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